The Eskapee Collective FAQs

What is the Eskapee Collective?
The Eskapee Collective is a member-driven community whose contributions help build a better, more sustainable Eskapee, delivering better and more unique content to you, our readers. Not only does your membership go towards supporting Eskapee and Eskapee’s contributors, there are many additional benefits to being a member – including actively shaping some of what Eskapee does.

Why should I pay my hard earned cash to Eskapee and not beer, or bikes, or Netflix?
The main reason: to help keep Eskapee alive and producing all the original and unique content you enjoy so much. Also, so you can have your say and input into how and what Eskapee does. You’ll be part of the team and our family and we really want you to help us along the way. You can still drink beer, ride bikes, and Netflix and chill all you want.

But the internet is free.
Is it? Is it really?

Will this mean no advertising on Eskapee?
Maybe one day but the realities of how much it costs to run Eskapee means that we’ll be still doing some advertising. We do promise however that we’ll never flood you with a million ads per page, each yelling at you to get your attention. We also promise to tell your when content has been paid for. That’s being honest and treating you with the respect you deserve.

Where is my hard earned money going?
To an offshore tax-free account and our fleet of Ferraris and daily fake tanning sessions. Eskapee pays all our contributors and the vast majority of your money goes straight to them for the production of their cool content. The rest of the money goes to other great things and here’s a rough breakdown for you:

55% – Content production and content/brand marketing
14-15% – Web Development/support
10% – Eskapee Shop
15% – Print Production
5-6% – Environmental, Trail, and Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiatives

Will my data be sold to Facebook to influence political campaigns?
No, we will not be selling your data to Facebook, or anyone. If you want to influence the political process then just go out and vote.

Can I cancel my membership to this exclusive club?
We’ll be very sad if you go. Very, very sad.
Yes, you can cancel at any time, however due to the subscription payment method we cannot offer any refunds. You will also be welcomed back with open arms if you decide to come back. We won’t hold any grudges.

Can I pay more?
Shit yeah. Send us a message and we’ll arrange it. If you pay enough you can run Eskapee, be the CEO, CFO, and CTO, be whatever you want.

Screw you, I am not paying a cent for Eskapee.
That’s OK. We’ll still love you. And maybe you can save that money to buy us a beer sometime.