2 Jul 2018

Welcome to Offbike

WORDS & PHOTOS x Eskapee

Be a mountain biker – always.

This week we’re introducing some new content called ‘Offbike’.  Offbike is a continuation of Eskapee’s focus on MTB culture and lifestyle and essentially it’s all about clothing/fashion/accessories for when you’re “off the bike” as we think there is a place for mountain bikers to be mountain bikers when they’re not riding. As an example, we would love to see people pull on a mountain bike brand jacket to sit around the firepit to drink post-ride beers rather than the default of some other outdoor brand. We also think that mountain biking should sit in the same space as surfing, skating, and the general “outdoor “world and show the lifestyle that we all know and love.

Mountain biking is about more than the bike, or the race, it’s about a lifestyle and culture.