28 Jun 2018

The Disposable Heroes

WORDS & PHOTOS x Eskapee

8 Photographers
1 Disposable Film Camera Each
1 Month
1 Winner

****Applications Now Closed****

The Disposable Heroes is the world’s best photography challenge ever. It’s time to get outside your comfort zone, step back to 1987 and take some risks in a land where ISO, zoom, shutter speed, aperture, chimping, spraying-and-praying, fisheyes, 2nd shooters, and software doesn’t exist. You’ll get one month with a one-time-use disposable film camera. That’s it.

We’ll pick 8 finalists, send them a camera each, and let them go wild. Shoot a series of portraits, a story about a person or interest, a road trip, something about high end fashion in mountain biking and its influences on sub-pop-punk subcultures in the East End of London, an investigative piece on “standards” in the mountain bike world and how that is the real reason for the current trade war between USA and the rest of the world, a series of cute cat photos that you know is going to make Eskapee the most viral platform of 2018, a first person narrative piece about being a photographer and how you’ve exchanged all your “credits” for that nice house you live in, a collection of photos that clearly shows that Donald Glover, Childish Gambino, and Earnest “Earn” Marks are actually three seperate people. The choice is yours…. It doesn’t just have to be mountain biking – but it does have to be interesting.

Do you have what it takes to be a Disposable Hero?

What’s the prize?

The overall “winner” will get some sweep hoops from Santa Cruz valued at $1599 (USD) (tires, discs, cluster, garage door, cement floor – not included). This is a winner-takes-all challenge so all you Millennials who have grown up in a world where participation trophies go to all – suck it up**.

** Yes, we know that’s not the truth and that generational stereotyping isn’t cool. See the terms/conditions below 🙂

How Do I Enter?

Send us a one minute elevator pitch video that includes:

  • Your Name
  • Where you live
  • What your Disposable Hero plan is
  • Why we should choose you in the final 8
  • Send all application videos (links to dropbox, whatever) to db at eskapee dot com (hopeful that will stop the email trawlers)
  • All videos applications must be received by 16th July 2018.
  • The finalists will be notified by 17th July 2018.
  • Cameras will arrive prior/on 1st August 2018.

What about the poor environment – plastic is shit?

We know that using plastic one-time use disposable cameras really isn’t the coolest thing for the environment. We recognise this and we’re going to do the following things to mitigate the impact:

  • Recycle all cameras via the best methods available.
  • Reduce the overall carbon footprint by reducing the flying distance of each camera. Each camera will be sourced as close as possible to the finalists. This means that there won’t be any wasted shipping miles from source, to Eskapee HQ, back to finalist. Less flying miles means less impact 🙂
  • Eskapee will be making a donation to a suitable charity to also offset the impact.

Terms, Conditions, Rules, Notes, Comments, Small Print

  1. All entries must be received by 16th July 2018. We keep a right ship.
  2. Your entry videos may be used for social media to promote the challenge. We may/may not make fun of you.
  3. Finalist will be chosen by Eskapee and the Eskapee Collective Family. This isn’t about boosting our social media numbers by using some kind of viral popularity voting method.
  4. Eskapee will cover the costs of purchasing the cameras, shipping the cameras, and processing/scanning the film. We know you’re a photographer and poor.
  5. All finalists will get the same model of camera – a totally equal playing field. You’re the only thing that’s going to be different.
  6. The cameras must be retuned to Eskapee HQ with film intact. The photographer is not allowed to process the film – the surprise is all part of the fun.
  7. You only have one month to complete the challenge. All cameras must be sent back no later than 3rd September 2018.
  8. You only get one camera. If you get halfway through the challenge and decide you’re not happy with your shots and go out and buy a replacement camera you’re cheating. Karma will then come and haunt you for an eternity and all your photos from that point onwards will be out of focus and have more dust bunnies than pixels.
  9. Your photos will not be used for anything other than directly related to The Disposable Heroes. We will not be providing your photos to anyone else and we are not using this activity as a cheap method of gathering content for the next 10 years or as some deal with a 3rd party.
  10. A negatives and a set of printed photos will be returned to you so can have them displayed proudly on your fridge, walls, bathroom, and dog/cat.
  11. You’re going to be judged on the whole series of photos, not just a one shot banger. Make every shot count….
  12. Final judging will be performed by a method that’s yet to be determined.
  13. Bribery is a suitable form of influence.
  14. The final decision on who is the best Disposable Hero is final. Correspondence will be entered into however you have to chisel it onto a block of marble sourced only from 100 meters below the ice in Wilkes Land, Antartica. We will then review your complaints and provide you with a response via an untrained blind carrier pigeon.
  15. The prize: Apart from a lifetime of honor and frequent guest appearances on late night TV shows, the overall winner will be receiving some sweet wheels from Santa Cruz, valued at around $1600 (USD) (Reserve wheels on DT350 hubs on any rim width we offer (25, 27, 30, 37) in 27.5″ or 29″.) The rest of the finalists will get something from Eskapee that might be laying around the office at the time.
  16. This is fun, make it that way.
  17. The rules can aways be changed and the internet way-back machine can’t be used in any dispute.