21 Mar 2018


WORDS & PHOTOS x Damian Breach

VIDEO x Damian Breach

I have to admit, I am pretty protective of my photos and how much behind the scenes footage I let people see. And I am pretty sure that’s a true statement for many photographers.

My protective approach is mostly driven by fear and a sense of control. Fear of people seeing all my raw shots, my bad shots, my un-edited shots, my out of focus shots, my spray-and-pray bursts, my underexposed, my overexposed, etc. The control part is about only allowing people to see the very, very best so they can only judge me on that, and think that I produce 100% gold all the time. But I am starting to realise that approach means people don’t get to see the whole story either as I am always limited in the number of photos that I can use editorially.

I have literally hundreds of thousands of photos that have never seen the light of day and they all tell great stories. Over the course of a single photo shoot, or road trip, or event, I will take thousands of photos. I have discovered recently that a warts-and-all approach to viewing them can be a great way to tell the whole story. Editorially there is no space for them, even on the internet, but I think there is value in dropping my guard and sharing more of my photos so people can enjoy the experience of travel and photography as much as I do.

So here it is, my first Raw Photography video: A trip to Taiwan a few years ago with Lee Trumpore, Katie Holden, and Jeff Carter. Every photo*, unedited, good, bad, gold, not-so gold – but an amazing journey and fun.

*every second photo, otherwise the video would have been long 🙂