31 May 2018


WORDS & PHOTOS x Eskapee

Dear Mountain Biker,

Your bike does not suck.

It used to be one time a year that new bikes and products were released but these days it’s a constant. It feels like a daily occurrence that something new is released with the ever present accompanying marketing that subliminaly alludes to the fact that whatever you currently own, sucks. It’s 43.14159% smoother, slicker, faster, lower, longer, lighter, stronger, than the previous. It will also make you ride better, you’ll have more fun, and all your friends will hit the un-friend button if you don’t get it.

But does this mean that your older model sucks and you’re less of a mountain biker if you don’t buy that new thing? No; the trails still have dirt, the rocks are still hunting your knees and elbows, the air is still fresh, the trees are still green, the animals will keep staring at you (hopefully), the views are still amazing, and your friends are still going to put a smile on your face. Focus more on the ride and not the technology and you’ll always be ahead of the latest product curve. Seeing new places, riding new trails, getting lessons, scaring the shit out of yourself a little, having fun, and challenging yourself will 100004% improve your riding experience more than replacing a part because it’s now in the new colorway ‘vintage mocha organic mystic lavender’.

We’re not anti new stuff at all – we love shiny new things and love how mountain bikes have developed over the years. We just recognise that not all in the mountain bike world can afford (or want) to upgrade every time something new drops……and that’s ok. We love you no matter how old your bike is.