17 Jul 2018

Finalists – The Disposable Heroes

WORDS & PHOTOS x Eskapee

Here they are, the finalists of the Disposable Heroes. Some videos were fancy, some less-so fancy, some were funny, some told a good story, some showed some Eskapee swag, and some showed a little glimpse into what they wanted to shoot with their 27 photo, ISO 800, f10, disposable camera.

Right now there are 10 x disposable camera’s finding their way to all corners of the globe, from Peru to Switzerland and everywhere in between. These brave people are taking a pretty big leap into a very uncomfortable world. No chimping so you can see what you shot, cameras that won’t let you do the usual tricks with aperture and shutter speed, and no software to help make them look even better. It’s pretty scary really and we think they’re all very brave to take on the challenge.

They have the month of August to shoot their roll and get the camera back to Eskapee. We’ll process them and dedicate a whole two weeks to showing you the finished products. Well then pick an overall winner and they’ll grab some sweet wheels from Santa Cruz, valued at $2000.

Wish them luck, and let the fun begin.

(And yes, we took more than 8. There were too many killer applications and ideas.)