14 Dec 2016


WORDS & PHOTOS x Sandy Plenty

Ever wondered what lies down that furtive, veiled chute, off the main trail? Ever contemplated taking a chance on the unknown, but then repeatedly sticking to what you know best, as it’s a dead cert? Sometimes curiosity leads you off the beaten track, encouraging you to try something new, something uncertain.

Countless times I’ve made this tricky decision, only to find myself underwhelmed at the bottom of said new trail, or in some cases arriving at a dead end and having to push my bike back out. Luckily, every now and then, when we put all our chips on the table and take a chance, it pays off dividends. The prize being in the form of a true gem. A new trail to excite you, for you to explain corner-by-corner to friends and just about anyone that will listen.

It’s also spellbinding to be on the receiving end of the news. When someone comes into the bike shop fired up over a new trail, explaining its location, gradient and condition, then I feel like I’ve inherited the stoke baton. It’s like a relay race – you receive it and pass it on. I then find myself consumed with excitement over the possibility of riding a fresh line. It’s these revelations, relays and amplified tales that help spread the good word. Then in turn, they will feverishly inspire the next explorer to veer off down the lesser-shredded trail.