11 Oct 2016

Black Combe

WORDS & PHOTOS x Tristan Tinn

The Lake District is renowned for its world-class scenery; head to any of the fell tops and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning vista (when it’s not raining). There is one lesser-known fell, which stands apart from the rest – Black Combe. It stands in isolation at exactly 600m, 10 miles from the nearest high land, just 4 miles from the coast, and in a position that results in a unique vantage point.

On a clear day Black Combe offers views west across the sparkling Irish Sea to the Isle of Man, south to the hills of Snowdonia and north to the Scottish mountains.

For anyone local to the area, Black Combe offers a break from your usual trails; which chase the shorelines of lakes and carve along the walls of valleys. If you time it right Black Combe can be an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons. The route allows you to watch the falling sun on its entire journey to the horizon, unobstructed by landmass.

I’ve been waiting quite some time for the weather to yield the correct conditions to sample said experience for myself – with the aim of documenting it in all its beauty – and earlier this year everything fell into place. A still, clear evening awaited us; luckily my buddies were free and the batteries were charged!

I’ll let the photos do the talking; hopefully they’ll whet your appetite enough to keep this gem of a ride in your mind, long enough for the correct conditions to arise again.