Issue Thirty Nine

Dear Diary

A Disposable Hero's Story

WORDS & PHOTOS x Jay French

6 October 2018
Part One

The Story

I hadn’t used a disposable camera in probably fifteen years and it’s fair to say I had no idea how these snaps would turn out. I can honestly say, I am genuinely stoked with the results. Except for the fact it seems I couldn’t hold the camera level, everything else is great. I even think the straight-from-the-negative edit, doesn’t even look that different to my general editing style.

I had a hard time deciding what I was going to do with my shoot. I toyed with the idea of trying to create something crazy, pushing the camera to its limits, attempting to take photos as I would on my regular camera, but it just didn’t feel right. So, I thought to myself: what strengths does this little camera have? It’s light, it’s simple, it’s authentic. That’s about it really. So, I decided the best thing to do with the camera, was to do what it was created for. Create snapshots of a trip, create a story. Rather than imitating what I’d do with a DSLR, I choose to put the camera to work in the way it was originally designed.

My aim was to show what a work trip looks like for me, without the ability to selectively edit shots, choose only the best, and craft a look that I wanted to portray. This would give a realistic, authentic look at what I see when I’m doing a trip like this. It would give me something to look back on, a recap of a 10-day event that doesn’t just appear as 1000’s of flagged images in my Lightroom Catalog, showing what I was seeing, or what I thought my clients wanted to see.

I wanted to make it super simple. I was away for 10 days — that’s approximately 2x images per day, plus one or two either side — so I wanted to capture two things each day:

1)   A landscape shot, showing the area I was in, or the event I was at, or something that defined that day. Maybe where I was, or what I was doing. For these images I shot them with the camera in landscape orientation.

2)   A portrait shot, showing someone that helped me out, or was important to me on that day, whether it be an athlete, and friend, or a helper. Someone, or something that meant something to me that day got a picture as well. For these I turned the camera and shot in portrait orientation.

By laying the story out like this, I can look back at an accurate timeline of my trip, I can see where I was and who was with me every day. It’s all real, unedited and authentic down to the scratches on the film. I can see where I shot, where I stayed, who helped me, who was important, and even what I came home to, with my local beach and my dog.

What a great concept Disposable Heroes was. Thanks Eskapee.

The End
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