Issue Forty One

Córdoba Treasures

A Disposable Hero's Story

WORDS & PHOTOS x Raul Gomez

12 October 2018
Part One

The Story

Hi, everybody! My name is Raul and I am from Córdoba, Spain.

Córdoba is a milenial city well known for its history and famous Arab and Roman monuments. But for those who consider themselves nature and MTB lovers, we have in this small corner of the world a treasure just at our the doorstep. This story starts with an adventure on one of those treasures – our little mountain range: Sierra Morena.

Despite not having a high altitude, Sierra Morena “punishes” us with harsh uphills balanced with spectacular views of the city. Once at the top we kept rolling and enjoying some of our best singletrack — stopping to drink water in an old fountain or taking a coffee in a countryside bar — to continue enjoying some of our best descents on narrow-winding trails, full of rocks and roots, and surrounded by the Mediterranean forest. 

After going back up on the same road, with a healthy portion of pushing and carrying our bikes, we stopped at an old farmhouse in the middle of the range. There we met friends from another MTB club and, as we had a birthday to celebrate, we took advantage of a small supermarket inside the farmhouse to celebrate with cold beer and some snacks. With a now well “fuelled” atmosphere we took advantage of our growing inspiration to patent a new bike-lift system inspired by ‘Ape’. That day was very hot and we decided to return to the city, but not to our homes, to one of our favorite places for more off bike enjoyment.

A few days later I was with Manolo and Alvaro (father and son) along with other young bikers to repair a jump. The culture of trail building and dirt jumps is not something that is strong in Córdoba, but this family takes it very seriously. So much so that there are some downhills in the area designed by them which are worthy of national DH championship racing. After helping them out for a while I went and rode some of their other trails in the afternoon and then joined with my usual group to continue riding into the night (one of the best remedies against the suffocating summer in this area). 

But not everything here is mountain biking and walking around Córdoba you get to see some of its great monuments, like the Mosque and the Cathedral, or you can get lost exploring the narrow streets, or learn as you watch leather craftsmen work. Or maybe pay a visit to Alex at his 100% Cordovan small craft brewery: “Califa”. If you ever pass by here don’t hesitate to ask for the IPA.


The End
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