Issue Forty Two

City Dwellers

A Disposable Hero's Story

WORDS & PHOTOS x Tom Grundy

15 October 2018
Part One

The Story

City’s make riding mountain bikes hard – This set of photos aims to document some Inner City Bristol bike riders and how they squeeze riding bikes around their lives.

Bristol is two hours west of London and famous for Banksy, Massive Attack and Wallace and Gromit –  but I wanted to show that city life doesn’t stop riding bikes there are great trails on the doorstep waiting to be found – all these photos where taken within 5 miles of the City Centre.

It was a massive challenge shooting with a disposable camera, but I loved it. I’m most pleased with how the portraits came out I tried to avoid it being blown out by making a flash diffuser out of milk bottle.




Monet is smooth, as she rips past with a face of concentration. She aggressively hunts for every bit of speed the trail can give her, clinically linking turns before cutting and shralping roost unexpectedly. Monet adventures around the world riding trails in incredible locations but still can’t beat riding the local and finding those everyday adventures. Even when cooking up a feast for friends her bikes are within reach.


Charlie is one of those annoying riders that can get on any bike and immediately look comfortable and fast. He works long hours so any chance he has to squeeze in a ride is taken, the local pump track is where your likely to find him and Dave absolutely shredding the tyres in those tight turns. The local kids scream in awe of a new gap he’s found.


Sam is Bristol’s MTB scene – And I think its fair to say he makes shit happen more than anyone else. Digging, Maintaining, Crowdfunding, Teaching and Steezing his way through life. Since doing a season in Whistler Sam dreamed of bringing a similar scene back to his home City of Bristol and if you go up Belmont woods on a Tuesday you’ll agree he has achieved his dream.


John (left) is bikes and bikes is John. He doesn’t care what type of bike it is, or if it has an intended use; if its a bike he’ll ride it. 760mm wide Renthals sit proudly on the front of his cross bike as he bombs it through the woods, down a towpath and under the famous suspension bridge.


Sam (right) is an out and out DH racer – Scrubs the jump, cuts the turn and takes the fastest line whenever he rides, He has the pointiest elbows and a mighty fine beard. City life makes owning and riding a Downhill bike hard so Sam has recently found a new love for trail bikes but that doesn’t mean he’s going to take it easy.

The End
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