Issue Forty Six

August Escape

A Disposable Hero's Story

WORDS & PHOTOS x Mariana Rotaeche

27 October 2018
Part One

The Story

My camera came early and the weekend before the start of the Disposable Heroes challenge I was hiking on the Pyrenees with Txabo and Mad and I was willing to cheat and take some pictures, because the surroundings were stunning and I wasn’t sure if I was going to go back to there in August. But I was good and I didn’t.

As soon as the 1st of August arrived, me and Tit went to where the mountain meets the sea on sunset. It wasn’t as clear as we expected, but the ocean was full of energy and so we were. After a nice ride down to the cliffs with our Monday job clothes, we took a rest and, hesitating, I took the first picture of the roll. And so it began. A month full of doubts: “Is this a #DisposableHeroes moment? Are they going to like this place as much as I do? Are they going to understand what I am trying to say?” Mad, who has more experience than me shooting, told me: “Let it flow Nan! If you feel like it’s a good one, shoot it and it’s going to be allright!” So, I took the camera with me everyday the whole month and my confidence grew with every click.

I didn’t do many exotic things, and it wasn’t the month that I’d originally planned, but I had a blast because I did different things and just captured my normal life in photos instead.

We went to the local mountains with my dear Italian friends, I shot. I saw a snail on the newspaper, I shot (with no luck in the focus). The three #BTTtas, we went back to the Pyrenees and we met our friends, and five new friends, and there it was easy, so I shot. (The mountains were great, and I was so happy to be there. Every moment seem shootable but I contained myself not to have the hole roll of film with Pyrenees photos). In Sweden, there were no mountains and no bikes, but there was a lake and great friends around it and there was no stress. So, I waited and when the good light came that afternoon… I shot!

This challenge made me go to my usual places: Adarra, Jaizki, home, Igeldo, and the Pyrenees, and look at them as if they were showable for Eskapee, this magazine that I follow and whose photos and articles inspire me every morning. All of them make me want to go outdoors, ride, enjoy and live simply.

So that’s what I tried to stamp on my pictures. The picture I took from my balcony, where you can see a hose, chairs, some flowers – it’s my mum’s front yard. And for me, it means that Eskapee is an attitude, a way of life. You can escape at home, if you want to. You can escape far away, if you need to.

I like the pictures a lot, and I love the surprise of discovering them today, a month after I finish my “convivencia” with my camera. Maria’s smile, Rathmis wound and nice socks, moments with Tit, Mad, Gari, Presti, Cris, Javi, Asier, David, Koldo, Txema, Jon, Joni, Andrea, Teres, Giulia and Guinda, made my summer.

Thanks Eskapee, for driving me to slow down and pay attention to the moments.

The End
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