Issue Forty Four

A Mid-Summer’s Dream

A Disposable Hero's Story

WORDS & PHOTOS x Mark Taylor

21 October 2018
Part One

The Story

Crankworx is a time for celebration – sort of like Christmas, but without the ugly sweaters and absurd amount of gifts. Actually, it’s more akin to Thanksgiving – endless amounts of liquor and politically incorrect humour like that of Uncle Stan’s…. yeah it’s definitely more like thanksgiving. Regardless, why the hell am I talking about this? Because another year’s mid-summer-9-day-bender at the world’s largest mountain bike festival recently wrapped up and I had that feeling you get after a holiday has ended and reality is starting to set in. Also, because I’ve been asked to write some words associated to some photos I only half remember taking.

Crankworx is on par with your favourite holiday, it’s just in the middle of August with eighty thousand of your closest strangers, 6000 of whom actually bike, of which, 15 you actually remember seeing last night and 3 who you might make it out for a hazy mid-afternoon ride with. It is really easy to get sucked into the Crankworx vortex if you aren’t careful and even easier to go 4 days without touching your bike, which granted, is rather trying as it’s likely buried deep in your friends garage, that was spotless last week and is now covered by a “pile mountain’ of other bikes and boxes of god knows what.

This all might sound rather exaggerated and unappealing to some but amongst the fog resulting from last night’s last call, are memories of good times with even better people, which is what this is all about. Sure winning a pair of swanky carbon wheels from Santa Cruz in this Disposable Heroes challenge would be sweet but the recollection of forgettable shenanigans with unforgettable people supplied by film photos off a cheap plastic 8 dollar camera cannot be given a value.

You might not see many recognizable faces from my roll, asides from Nate “follow me on Friday’s” Hills, (yeah, he’s hella famous) and Kamloops’ boys Dylan and Matty who toughed out a savage 6+ hour alpine adventure with minutes to prepare (yeah, Dylan wore jeans the entire ride) but what you will see are individuals who make everyone around them better people and who I am lucky to call my friends. Bikes is what originally brought most of us together but times like this are what keeps us coming back. Amongst the mayhem of races, raffles, premieres and parties that you cannot escape at this event, are the few moments that actually need to be cherished and providing I actually used the flash, might be successfully held in time by a blurry 5×7 photograph.

Many thanks to Eskapee for the opportunity to remind me what it’s all about! Zoe and the GLC for letting us borrow the keg fridge and Cat, for being a gracious host and not killing us as we most certainly deserved.

Crunkworx ’18 was a roaring success thanks to everyone involved. And don’t forget to #keepthestreakalive

The End
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