Meet the tellers, the shooters, the artists, and the videographers who create the Eskapee content. They show us other perspectives and let us into their imaginations. We honour them because Eskapee doesn’t happen by without them. We simply take their hard work and carefully handcraft it to ensure they display the essence of a story and all the emotions and feelings.

These are the people who bring you the gold

Sarah Sturm

Artist. Designer. Norman's human. Bike rider.

Seb Kemp

Seb Kemp is an experiment in experiential observation.

Hanna Jonsson

Fan of bikes, mountains, music and sunhine.

Mattias Fredriksson

Based in the small Swedish mountain town, Åre. Traveling the world in the search of deep snow, majestic mountains and epic single track.

Leah Lind-White

Inspired by the mountains and seeking lifelong adventure with a trail dog by my side.

James McKnight

One misspent summer leads to another.

Krystle Wright

A child of the universe who travels with a camera in hand documenting the wild flung places and the adventures that spark the flame.

Ben Kraushaar

Broke ass graduate student and photographer of all things outdoors. Loving life in Colorado and Wyoming

Kevin Shiramizu

Strange and unique just like everyone else.

Danielle Baker

A creative non-fiction story teller and enthusiastic photographer who is fuelled by a passion for the outdoors and her love of community.

Ewald Sadie

Freelance action & outdoor photographer based in sunny South Africa, spending most of my time riding trails and chasing light.

Mary Dishman

Rider, writer, mover, shaker.

Patrick Russell

Enjoying life in the outdoors with a bike and camera at my side.

Kath Bicknell

Bike writer, lifer and researcher based in Sydney, Australia.

Johan Haag

Photographer who loves mountain biking. Mountainbiker who loves photography. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Justa Jeskova

An outdoor photographer in search of new places and stories to tell.

Lee Trumpore

A globe trotting mountain biking photographer currently living in Berlin... for now.

Samantha Saskia Dugon

A two-wheeled loving photographer and writer, with a borderline obsessive love for dogs.

Riley Seebeck

Lover of big mountain rides, my trail dawg and snapping 10fps. Supporting my addictions through trailbuilding in the loamy Cascades and story telling through photography.

Anna Beck

Writes, bikes, drinks coffee, ponders philosophy and drives fast with sirens on.

Joey Schusler

An adventure athlete specializing in mountain biking & skiing & diving. In over his head in just about anything that sounds like a wild time. Based in Boulder, Colorado.

Betsy Welch

Journalist who prefers to be outdoors, around the globe, in the garden, or on the road. Currently in Colorado, just back from Cuba.

Anthony Pease

Lover of all things outdoors and trying to capture my journey through the lens.

Sandy Plenty

A mountain bike lover & camera pointer, who is living life through the eyes of adventure.

Tom Hill

Always looking for the trace of a trail.

Pete Thomas

Funmonger of the mountains, creative doer and a sucker for good rides, good beer...and a good laugh.

Tommy Wilkinson

A professional mountain bike photographer who likes a good cup of tea.

Adrian Marcoux

Photo farmer, people watcher.

Grady James

Stuck in a velvet rut. Summers and winters in the mountains of southwest Colorado.

Henning Hovland

Passionate photographer, mountain biker, rock climber and snowboarder and try to spend most my time outside.

Johny Cook

Mostly found in the hills chasing bikers with cameras.

Ben Winder

Photographer. Predominantly living out the back of a van, who can be found on a mountainside, somewhere.

Sam Needham

Photographer, designer and illustrator getting lost around the world whilst chasing the good times.

Gary Perkin

Gary got hooked on bikes in 1979 and has been successfully taking the scenic route ever since.

Jason Fitzgibbon

Professional wildlife biologist and lifelong mountain biker that sometimes stops to take photos. Currently based out of Southern California.

Mike Cartier

Misplaced mountain biker who loves a good wheelie and snapping a photo or two.

Nick Waygood

Rookie mountain biker turned semi-pro photographer.

Dean Campbell

Retired trail builder and bike mechanic. Writer and sometimes shooter teaching my dog ride etiquette on the trails surrounding Canada's capital city, Ottawa.

Matt Miller

A mountain biker and story writer. His favorite rides usually have long descents, but he's learning to appreciate the climb.

Tristan Tinn

Dental student too easily distracted by bikes and cameras. Lake District born and bred.

Zach Faulkner

Currently chasing the Endless Summer and eschewing societal expectations for as long as possible.

Kristian Skjødt

Single track loving adventure mountain biker, boyfriend, dad, coffee aficionado, CEO, and fan off all the good things that brings a smile to life.

Marc O'Brien

Deadhead, bike dork and aspiring photo nerd.

Jacob Gibbons

Bristol based photographer and film maker. Love bikes, climbing, running, mountains and traveling the world doing while doing it.

Sven Martin

Soul stealing traveller.

Victor Lucas

Shooter of photos and maker of videos. Also messes around with bikes and guitars.

Duncan Philpott

Photographer of outside things, usually with wheels.

Niklas Wallner

Photojournalist and visual storyteller based in the small town of Sundsvall, Sweden

Paul Kelly

Mountain biker and former US Navy photojournalist masquerading as a college student.

Damian Breach

Professional photographer, and not-so professional mountain biker.

Tommy Mulvoy

“Stranded” in Switzerland for my wife’s job - still struggling with German but nearly fluent in local single track.

Conor Barry

Slowpoke photographer always trying to keep up with faster friends.

Jay French

Living an adventure, taking photos, and pretending it's a real job.

Satchel Cronk

California student rapidly approaching the real world, but seemingly too focused on bikes and cameras to notice.

Dominic Simmons

Outdoor filmmaker, photographers, mountain biker, skier, lover of mountains.

Steve Story

A two wheeled explorer and content creator, inspired by the world around him.

Steve Thomas

A near lifelong rider, writer and photographer, with a passion for the adventurous side of mountain biking.

Matteo Cesani

Italian, riding bikes and telling stories on the trails next to you

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