Anthology 1

“Anthology (Noun): a collection of artistic works that have a similar form or subject.”

It’s here – the limited edition Anthology 1 book. We’re paying homage to our contributors and their amazing stories by giving their work a life beyond the digital grave and immortalising it all in print. You can now keep all first 15 Issues of Eskapee in your own home, office, car, van, boat, plane, garage, to read and enjoy forever. Engage your senses by smelling the paper (all 220 pages), feeling the texture of the full-embossed cover, and have a new and different experience with our content. Even though we live on it, we believe that the internet just isn’t the same as having something you can hold and something that can collect dust on your shelf.

Anthology 1 is a collaboration between Misspent Summers and Eskapee, and has been designed by Jones Design Create and printed to the highest of qualities in the UK with the environment in mind by Cambrian Printers.

The production of this book could not have happened without the support of our partners and we want to make special mention of them: Specialized, Shimano, and Marin. They’re not just companies who placed an ad in a book, each have embraced the idea of Anthology 1 (and Eskapee) and their support clearly demonstrates their commitment to what we’re doing and what we stand for.

Anthology 1 is available now on our store for $35 (which includes shipping worldwide). Eskapee subscribers get a 10% discount, so if you haven’t signed up then make sure you do to enjoy this quality book for even less.